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NEW Commissions and Cashout Requirements for all of my sites - effective immediately!


New Commission/Cashout Requirements

Hello Everyone,

After several discussions with other traffic site owners on the topic of commissions
and cashout requirements to help prevent overseas abuse of PTC type ads, I have
decided to adopt many requirements from Tom Brown that are effective immediately.

There are now going to be Three (3) requirements in order to receive a Commission Payment on ANY
of My Safelists (2 requirements) or Text Ad Exchanges (3 requirements):

- Minimum of $35 In Commissions (New Change)
- Minimum of 10 REAL Referrals (New Requirement)
- Must be a SuperJV Member or equivlent to cashout commissions (Text Ad Exchanges)

Commissions will NO LONGER be Paid to Members who have Earned Money Strictly By
"Clicking Ads For Cash"!

My Safelists and Text Ad Exchanges are NOT a PTC site and will not be treated as such!!

Members are not going to receive a Commission Payment if all your doing is Clicking Ads
For Cash!

For those Members that have been Promoting My Sites I appreciate your Efforts and for many
of these Members you already have the Minimum of 10 Referrals needed so nothing is changing
for you.

There are far too many members that are doing nothing more than "CLICKING ADS FOR CASH"

There needs to be a better effort from Members that want to receive a Commission Payment
since I can see that most of them have Zero(0) Referrals and these are the Members that
are doing nothing more than "Clicking Ads For CASH"

If you want to Earn a Commission Payment from my Sites then your need to Start Promoting
the Site you are Earning that Commission Payment from.

Stating once again you will now be required to have  a Minimum of $35.00 in Commissions
or more Earned, also have at LEAST 10 REAL Referrals or more in order to receive a
Commission Payment, and at Text Ad Exchanges you must be a SuperJV Member or equivlent.
These must be REAL Members.

The above Changes will soon be found under the Affiliate Program on ALL My Safelists and on
My Text Ad Exchanges in the Members Area. I will also be POSTING this Information at My
Support Center as well.

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